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My proven STARTrading Method that we use day in, day out to ensure you never lose all your hard earned money, breaking down the must have methods to become a profitable trader 

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I now feel like I know what is going to enable me to travel the world while making money from my laptop.

The training was in bitesize videos which meant I could take it at my pace and made it a lot easier for me to understand.

I have known Lewis for years and been bugging him to make this training and I am so impressed with what he has created.
It has exceeded my expectations"

In This FREE Download, I'll Show You...

How to master the charts so you can pinpoint the buy and sell zones, knowing exactly what to look for.

Understanding what are safe risk parameters so you never lose all your money in your trading account.

Insights into the three moves the markets can make giving you a strategy that can be used in each.

Tapping into the mindset of becoming a profitable trader so you can act on market feedback over emotions.

How to accelerate from successfully trading multiple strategies to advanced optimiszation for greater returns.

Here's what A FEW OF MY STUDENTS are saying...


The collection of training material that Lewis offers is exceptional.

The way he delivers his training material is easy to grasp and understand.

I have gone from basic Forex Trading knowledge to being able to hold a conversation about doing Technical Analysis on any Market!

It is clear that Lewis is an expert in his field, when you couple with Lewis being extremely approachable, it makes him the perfect candidate as a mentor"


I originally joined Lewis’s STARTrading Program to give me the opportunity to replace my current income with a second income stream that would now allow me to regain freedom and travel the world without being stuck in the same 9-5 job.

Even though how hard and how technical trading can feel lewis’s STARTrading methods has made it really simple to understand 

Its been a great opportunity for me and I recommenced it highly.


I find STARTrading an amazing community to be apart of.

The training video's that Lewis kindly puts together for everyone are simple, easy to follow and also covers all of the basics that you need to get started in trading.

Personally I started STARTrading to broaden my knowledge and diversify my income streams in a safe way.

Hi, I'm Lewis Crompton

Lewis Crompton started trading back in October 2014, he had just finished an undergraduate degree in Theology and found himself working in retail.

He realised that the three things he wanted the most, time, money and location freedom weren’t going to come from the position he found himself in.

So, after seven months of teaching himself to trade, he left his retail job and never looked back.

Tens of thousands of pounds spent on trader education and mindset coaching, and Lewis became known for what he could do; headhunted by several companies, he began teaching trading on an international basis.

He has been invited to speak and train internationally on topics that include spirituality, personal-growth and investment strategies among others, and has spoken in front of 14,000 people at events in the past.

Now, Lewis’ primary goal in life is to give others the same chance he considers his true calling to be helping other people achieve what he did and improve the quality of their lives. 

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